Charleston Gourmet Burger Marinade

An aromatic blend of nine low country spices and herbs, our burger marinade makes a gourmet burger from the inside out. Combined with ground beef, venison, or turkey, it simply produces the juiciest most flavorful burger around — no fancy toppings necessary. One taste of its savory richness and you’ll realize you’ve made the burger of your life.

Also delicious on steak, seafood, pork, game, vegetables, and more.

All natural, gluten free, low sodium, low calorie, no high-fructose corn syrup, no MSG.


Charleston Gourmet Burger Sauce

All natural gluten free gourmet burger sauce. The perfect finishing touch for your meat. Great with beef, chicken, turkey, steak, venison, seafood and tofu.

  • Makes a great gravy!
  • Use in place of steak sauce!
  • Baste your meats with it!

All natural, gluten free, low sodium, low calorie, no high-fructose corn syrup, no MSG.


Charleston Gourmet Burger Marinated Fully Cooked Cheeseburgers

When life's got you on the run, no need to sacrifice flavor for convenience. Pop these marinated cheeseburgers with buns in the microwave and enjoy a satisfying meal in minutes.


Our Burger-losophy, or our burger philosophy, is the basis of what Charleston Gourmet Burger Company is all about. We feel that the flavor of any burger should begin in the meat itself, not with all of the added condiments people traditionally pile on top of a burger to give it taste. We feel that a burger should be like a fine steak, if it’s good, you shouldn’t have to add anything to it once served. Just bite into it and enjoy it’s savory richness.

At Charleston Gourmet Burger Company we marinate our ground meat with our signature Charleston Gourmet Burger Marinade before we grill it. That allows the 9 Low Country Herbs and Spices to magically enhance the natural flavors of the meat. When you sink your teeth into one of our gourmet burgers you’ll experience true “burger heaven”, tasty, juicy, and full of flavor. One bite and you’ll realize that you don’t have to pile on a bunch of condiments, all you have to do is "RESPECT THE FLAVOR – FROM THE INSIDE OUT"