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Burger Bash Ultimate Set

Burger Bash Ultimate Set

Burger Bash Ultimate Set


5 stars!
Best Burgers Ever!!
My family has decided that they can no longer make burgers without Charleston Gourmet Burger Marinade! It just brings burgers to a whole new level!!

The perfect combo for a Burger Bash Celebration featuring the juiciest, tastiest homemade burgers.  As seen in Better Homes & Garden magazine, The Food Network, NBC's The TODAY Show & more. Your guests will appreciate taking home a sample size of what made your burgers the best they've ever had!

So Easy - Mix the Gourmet Burger Marinade in with your raw ground meat before grilling, pour the Gourmet Burger Sauce on your burgers while or after cooking.

Also amazing on steak, chicken, turkey, game, pork, seafood, tofu, stir fry veggies, & more.


Six (6) 32 oz Grillmaster Size Gourmet Burger Marinade

Six (6) 12.5 oz Gourmet Burger Sauce

Thirty (30) 1.5 oz TSA Approved Size Gourmet Burger Marinade